Arabic glossary

Eventhough English is widely spoken in Egypt you're likely to meet situations, especially on the road far from tourists, where you wish you'd know few words in Arabic, and moreover, wish you'd know how they are written in Arabic.


I scanned here few pages pages full of useful linguistic information from a little book called "How to Speak English With out Teacher." It's rather amusing, but it contained the words we'd have had the most use for. We bought it in Cairo from a young boy, but only on our second last day. At least one hawker was selling what the traveller urges.

The book itself contained no information of the publisher, so apparently I got the copyrights as an extra.

But it's all in here. No need to explain further. Take a close look. It's works in both ways.


The cars are not reversing.


And some more roadsigns, but nothing about the traffic rules. I'm not suprised that there's no signs called "The beginning of NO horn!". Utensils on the right.


Guess what's "saharaa?" There's no borgan, but plenty of gabal, though.


Then the food. Tamiyya and fuul are missing here, but you can find both from the street stalls all over the country. Beans and energy. Keeps you going.


And when you finally crash, you will probably break some of these. Also useful when attending a barbershop.


To get the small talk going with your doctor.