Biketravelling in the new world


Autumn 2002 I flew to Sydney with a friend of mine in order to conquer a new continent in the our names. And to do that in backpakcers-style. By the time we got there I realized what the backpackers-business is all about, and I couldn't really cope with it. So I marched in to a cashconverters and I got myself a second-hand GT-mountain bike. Simple canvas panniers, a second-hand tent, few tools and I was ready to hit the road. During the next six months I pedalled alltogether 9118km's through that magnificent continent with no schedules or obligations.

the sign

I had gained experience in biketravelling from my trip to Baltic states 1999, so the decision to hop on a bike wasn't a big step for me. Actually I had it earlier in mind to make this trip on bicycle, but attractiveness of the backpacing cultur and the difficulties in transportation of all the gear encouraged me stay on foot, and leave my bike back home.


Alone with a bicycle in a new continent was a wicked combination. The sincerity aussies show to the foreing travellers, climate that is perfect for living outdoors and the cool-headed and unprejudiced travelling attitude drove the caravan to meet some of the weirdest places and coincidences. At one stage I was evacuated from the bushfires by the firefighters, just to get back to the coast and stucked by a big floods for couple of days. At few nights I was attacked by possums, and the next night I scared the hell out after some stinging insects invaded my tent. Couple of times I was eating meat and drinking beer at barbeque-feasts, but even more often I spent my nights lone with my guitar gazing out to the see.

The content of this site includes text and photos from that trip. I'll will be updated as often as my busy life gives me a change. At the moment only the main page is translated in english, but you can see some of the photos at "photogallery" and answer the poll at the "feedback" section, eventhough you don't know the language..